In addition to creating a full-length original show, Camp Stanley creates an original film inspired by the summer’s theme. Artist and Counselor, Danielle Mulcahy collaborates with campers and staff to capture the spirit of Camp Stanley through film and video.

2014 – YES!

Through camper narration, aqua puppets and much more, Danielle Mulcahy, captures the journey of a “no” turning into a “YES!”.



For the 2013 camp video, Electric, Danielle took things to a whole new level. She incorporated glow sticks, turkey feathers, battery-operated lights, the lake, and even a counselor in a canoe! This made for an explosive and amazing film filled with camper awesomeness!


2012 – MAGIC

Danielle felt the bar was set high in 2012 when she heard the theme would be Magic. Watch what happened when Danielle was given mason jars, tap lights, batteries, bags of white and colored twinkle lights and an incredible group of campers to work with.

2011 – REPEAT

In 2011 Danielle taught our campers how to work with actual film. While campers waited for their 8mm film to be developed and mailed back to Maine, they drew a succession of images over found footage and later edited the two together. This gorgeous film captures the beauty of our campers and the spirit of their creativity.


In 2010 Danielle used stop motion to represent the infinite energy of our campers. First, Danielle directed the CS staff to run through a field with flashlights. Later, our campers ‘scooched’ their way through a field while D took picture after picture of them moving through space. This is the super cool end result.

If your child has shown interest in the creative arts, contact Camp Stanley, our New England performing arts camp, to find out more about our total theatre summer camp program and how it can help unlock your child’s creative potential today!